pH resistant mineral seal enabling permanent subsurface isolation of methane, CO₂, and H₂S

Rockit: makes rock impermeable
The Heriot-Watt University’s “Rockit” technology prevents undesired leaks from subsurface to the atmosphere

It protects cement plugs from degradation and locks greenhouse gases deep underground for many thousands of years.


Global energy demand and abundance of natural hydrocarbon resources suggests that developments will continue, further creating a legacy of aging wells.

In the next decades to come the total number of wells drilled globally will exceed 5 million not including the growing industry of subsurface CO2 storage.

The highest risk of leakage is through wells.

A significant portion of existing hydrocarbon wells is known to suffer integrity failures and release gases into the environment contributing to the climate change.

For the benefit of a sustainable society all leaks must be remediated, and wells

eventually abandoned. In the UK alone this will cost £7 billion pounds.

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Current approach
Current industry approach utilises cement plug inside the wellbore to isolate the flow to the surface. However, cement-based solutions can not infiltrate rock pores due to the particle size limit and bonding suffers from degradation over geological timescales.

To address the high number of wells and issues associated with cement over the geological time frames a straightforward and scalable sealing technology must be deployed now for the benefit of future generations.

Rockit features
Restores subsurface rock integrity to the original state for the future of our planet
  • Solids-free
    We achieve seal that extends laterally deep into the reservoir
  • Low viscosity
    The components are pumped in two stages as a solids-free liquids
  • Pore-scale level sealing

    Very dense and minerals forms deep inside micro pores and within any fissures

Inflow destruction at pore-scale level
Permanent mineral barrier disconnects the reservoir entirely from the wellbore

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